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The graduation speech

There once was a man who lived in a shoe, one day he lost it and didnt know what to do. Then appeared the magic man and he said “greetings! how do you do?” the man replied, “whats goood?.” The magic man said to the shoeless man, ” I can give you what you desire, you want a new shoe why dont you? then come get it!” the mischievous magic man began to frollock around using his magic to keep the items in his possession away from the man chasing him. After sometime magic man stopped and looked at the man saying “do you want it?” the man replied yes. “then simply ask for it you fool!.” So the man asked for a shoe but instead got the material and tools needed to build a new shoe. So what did this man learn? when we ask for help we receive the necessary tools to build our own creations. meet half way, build your own ditch and the water will come.

I made this up as I went on stage in my dream. In front of everyone I have ever acquainted, it appeared to be graduation.


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random thought splur

there once was a man, who thought he knew it all. Then came wisdom, the end.

..in the end we dont know shit but whats right in front of us. too scared to accept the unseeable, like love or unicorns


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